19 Tahun

Sudah tiba masanya.....
This is the time. Alhamdulillah, Allah s.w.t bukakan pintu hati saya nak berubah. Mungkin sesetengah orang fikir its not a big deal, Tapi bagi saya it is really a big deal.

Perubahan yang dapat meringankan beban dosa ayah and ibu yang diorang terpaksa pikul for almost 18 years. I am really sorry for that. T.T

This is for forever. I don't care what people would say about me. I am changing for myself and my parents dan juga utk keluarga saya akan datang. I think I can do this for the whole life.

Yes, we are young once in a lifetime. And I had feel the young-ness of my life. I had been to here and there, socialize like nobody business, done something I never done, etc. I had gone through all this things and I had felt the "young". I think I am done enjoying my young age since it is full of errrmmm.

At the age of 19 (now), I felt like I should change to be a better person. I actually postponed my nawaitu since I was 17, I promised to myself I will change when I enter the University life, but ermmmmm masih lagi terumbang ambing. And ahamdulillah, At the age of 19, Allah s.w.t opened up my heart to be a better Muslim. Harap perubahan ni akan kekal selamanya. Sungguh tenangnya hati bila mendekati islam :')

I know who I am from the past. It was me. And now, I am not the one you have seen before. Don't judge me for my past. I did wrong, I makes mistakes, I makes sins and I regret it right now..

Thank you to all my bffs for influencing me to make this changes. Uhibbukafillah